What is the best swimming pool shape? This is a question that has no one answer. The best pool shape for me is different than the best pool shape for you and that is different than the best pool shape for your neighbor. If you’re looking at a new swimming pool talk with the eco-friendly pool builders from Bella Blue Pools and work with them to find the best pool shape for your family.

Size, shape, placement, construction material, landscaping and more all factor into the “best” swimming pool shape.

What is the best swimming pool shape?

When we sit down to discuss your pool project one of the first things we will ask is whether you have an ideal pool shape in mind. Are you traditional and want a traditional rectangle, kidney or oval pool? Do you want a pool that is sweeping and follows the lines of your yard?

If you have your heart set on a particular shape, please be open to making adjustments just in case the shape you want won’t fit into the space you’re hoping it will without a lot of major earth removal. The shape of your pool may also allow for, or not allow, a particular accessory you had your heart set on. Everything needs to work together and with some discussion, you can probably get everything you want without a lot of sacrifices.

Here are some questions we will ask:

  1. What type of deck do you imagine you want?
  2. What size pool do you want?
  3. How much of your yardspace are you willing to devote to it?
  4. What depth pool do you want?
  5. What construction material do you prefer?
  6. What outdoor features — a kitchen, patio space, etc. do you want?
  7. Will the pool be used by children, adults or a combination? What are the swim skill levels and are there any mobility issues?
  8. How do you envision using the pool? Swimming laps? Parties?
  9. What accessories do you want in the pool? Diving board, slide, sun shelves, beach entry, a hot tub or spa?
  10. What is the budget for your pool project?

As you can see, there is no one “perfect” answer to what shape pool do you want. Talk with us, let us know what you envision, then let’s work together to help you realize that dream.