Do you have a swimming pool service contractor who cares for your pool? If so, you may be wondering, is automation right for your pool? In many cases it is and the reason, the swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio explain it can cut down on the active maintenance time you have to spend between service visits.

After all, you want to spend your free time swimming, not cleaning, right? A swimming pool and its upkeep may seem like a neverending chore, but owning a pool is a source of neverending fun with your family, too!

If your pool is heated and open year-round, automation may truly make sense and be worth the cost of installation. In addition to dirt, and debris and algae spores that get into your pool on a regular basis — especially if it isn’t covered between uses — means you’re always skimming and trying to pick up debris before it hits the bottom of the pool because it could stain it.

There are pool cleaning devices on the market but many of them involved back-bending time cleaning; a handheld, manual item is one of those products many pool owners use but many pool owners find they just don’t do a great job.

Is automation right for your pool?

You can also use a pressure-fed cleaner for the pool clean-up between service visits, but they work only marginally better than the handheld style. A pressure cleaner requires your pool contractor to install a special pump to operate and an in-floor system is also required — and that could be costly. It makes the most sense, economically, to have a pressure-fed cleaner installed during initial construction, not a remodel project — although it can be.

Suction cleaners, require less physical labor but are problematic since they don’t scrub the pool very well and are random in the spaces they move to clean.

Robotic cleaners are the answer to many pool owners’ questions. Robotic pool cleaners are similar to in-home automatic vacuum cleaners. The pool models, scrub the pool walls and floors, are easy to install and offer you independence from cleaning during service visits.

Ask us about the options you have for automation in vacuum cleaning products and other automation that is available for swimming pool owners.