When the swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Maumee, Ohio talk about a “green pool” they aren’t talking about one filled with algae. Bella Blue Pool contractors work with pool owners who want to have a more eco-friendly aka green pool. How to have a greener pool is something you want to move toward we have some tips.

How to have a greener pool

  • Use greener cleaning methods. Chlorine is the traditional way to clean swimming pool water and clean away bacteria, but you can use other methods. Pool water can be cleaned with ozone, bromine, natural mineral sanitizers or a saltwater chlorinator.
  • Heating the pool water is not environmentally friendly unless you install and use a solar heater. You don’t need to live in the hottest part of the country to benefit from using solar heat. Heat pumps are also another greener option for heating a swimming pool. Heat pumps use the ambient air to heat the pool water and is greener than heating with oil, gas or electric.
  • Keep the pool filters clean. A clean pool filter won’t have to work as hard to keep the water clean and clear.
  • Run the pool pump at night when there is a lower draw on the power grid. Use timers to assure the pump and filter turn on during the overnight and that they turn off. If you forget to turn them off you’re wasting energy.
  • Be diligent in the use of a swimming pool cover. When you use a swimming pool cover you are helping slow the rate of water evaporation — and save on having to refill it. Using a cover also cuts back on the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water clean and a cover will also keep the water cleaner and freer of debris.

Are you looking for ways to make your swimming pool operations greener? If so, give us a call and let’s make some changes to help you achieve the level of “green” you’re seeking.