Swimming pool ownership and construction is in the air. This is the time when many families are beginning to enjoy their swimming pools and still others are just beginning the process of having their pools built. How to plan your swimming pool project.

There are many decisions that you will need to make as you navigate the path toward pool ownership and the pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools can help you understand and make the best decisions for your family and your pool project.

How to plan your swimming pool project

  1. Make a plan. Literally, you need to plan where the pool will be situated in your yard. The placement of the pool must conform with local building and zoning  laws, but you will also need to determine where it seems to fit best — aesthetically — in the space you have in your yard. An in ground swimming pool is a permanent structure so where you place it is where it will live.
  2. Pool use. How will your family use the swimming pool? Relaxing? Pool parties? Exercise? A combination of these uses? This may help you to decide where to place the pool. It will also help you decide on a pool that meets the way in which you will use it.
  3. What is your budget for pool ownership? Don’t forget to factor in not only the cost of the pool, but increases to your utility bills and the costs for ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the swimming pool.
  4. Talk with your homeowner’s insurance agent before you sign any contracts to make certain your insurance will remain in place. There may be a rate increase and if that is the case you need to make sure you budget for that as well.
  5. Choose the building material for your swimming pool. Gunite, fiberglass or vinyl liner all have advantages and some disadvantages, but you need to understand the uniqueness of each type before you make a final decision on the material your pool will be constructed from.
  6. Don’t forget to decide what kind of pool accessories you want in your swimming pool. Fountain, waterfall, sun shelves, pool heater, deep end, beach entry, diving board or others.
  7. The choice of your pool bulder is another factor that will lead to your having a great pool construction project. Interview more than one pool builder — remember it’s not all about the price of the project that should determine who you choose to work with.
  8. Choose your equipment with care. Look for EnergyStar equipment.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your upcoming swimming pool project to help you get the pool of your dreams.