How to have an eco-friendly pool, Bella Blue Pools contractor explain

Have you ever wondered how to have an eco-friendly pool? The pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools understand that many pool owners are looking for pool construction that focuses on and melds with their green and environmentally friendly lifestyles and they want the same from their pool.

Chances are you haven’t given much thought to whether your pool is eco-friendly or whether you can make it be eco-friendly. It can happen but you need to make a move from cleaning your pool with chlorine or other chemicals. Chlorine, traditionally, has been used for removing bacteria from the pool water and helping ensure the water remains clean. Chlorine, as any pool owner will tell you is damaging to the environment and can cause red eyes and dry itchy skin to those who swim in it.

What is an eco-friendly pool?

An eco-friendly pool is considered environmentally friendly because it won’t use harsh chemicals. It can also be a pool that uses less electricity and puts a smaller drain on the electrical grid. An eco-friendly pool could save on your utility bills as well as helping the environment.

If you run your pool pump as continually as you’re supposed to, you will notice that in your utility bills. If you use solar power to operate equipment and heat the water you can harness the power of the sun and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

Running a pool constantly to circulate the chemicals and avoid a build up of algae can be costly and might not be a factor you figured in when thinking of pool ownership. If you incorporate solar power into the operation of the pump and filter and heating of your swimming pool you can save money. After you’ve invested in the purchase and installation of the solar panels, the pool will operate on solar power in an eco friendly and environmentally friendly manner.

If you’re in the beginning stages of a pool construction project, make sure you look at high efficiency pool pumps, heater and filter and look for Energy Star rated equipment.

Salt water swimming pools are popular for those looking to move away from cleaning the pool with chlorine and looking for a way to be an environmentally friendly pool owner.

Ask us for advice and options on making your family swimming pool more eco-friendly and for ways to operate it more effectively and efficiently.