Swimming pool owners understand that keeping everyone safe in and around the pool is one of the most important parts of pool ownership. Pool safety tips for pets are also something that pet parents who are also pool owners need to consider.

The swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools work with pool owners to make their pools the “safest room in the house” and that includes people safety tips as well as pet safety tips. Preventing tragedy needs to be front and center any time you have committed to owning a swimming pool. It only takes one second for tragdy to occur, but when you have responsible safety tips in place and everyone in the family understands them you can almost rest assured the pool will be a place of fun for all.

Before you introduce your pet to the pool, keep in mind that not all dogs can swim and not all dogs want to be in the water. Don’t force your dog to get into the pool. Also, if your dog loves the pool, he will get tired and you need to assure he will be safe when he is tired. You can do this by putting him in a swim safety vest and making certain you have a ramp for him to get out of the pool when he is tired.

Pool safety tips for pets

Here are other pool safety tips for pets and pet owners:

  • Your pool needs a fence. This is probably a law in the area in which you live. It should be self-locking and unable to be climbed by your children.
  • Install a pet-safe ladder or a ramp so your dog can get into and out of the pool on his own. This is especially important if he gets in the pool when you’re not home.
  • Never allow your pets access to the pool without supervision.
  • Unless you have a safety cover and it is securely in place, a pool cover is not a way to keep your dog out of the pool.
  • In addition to a pool fence and a pool safety cover, consider investing in a floating pool alarm that will sound if the surface of the water is broken.
  • Rinse your dog off after he’s been in the pool to remove chlorine and chemicals from his fur.

Enjoy the pool safely with your dog this summer. If your dog doesn’t want to be in the pool or if you don’t want him in it, buy a kiddie pool, fill it up and keep it poolside so he can be in the midst of the fun you’re having in the pool.