The coronavirus pandemic has meant many families have canceled all vacation plans. If you have a swimming pool, though you can still have a vacation – right in your own backyard! the pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio have tips for how to plan a poolside staycation.

We know that life has been different. Adults are working from home. Children are schooling at home and parents have been turned into teachers as well as work-from-home employees. 2020 has brought about so many changes and some of them have turned our lives upside down.

In this article though we want to talk about staycations, how to make yours fun and what you can do to make it memorable for everyone.

How to plan a poolside staycation

What is a staycation?

Staycation is a term that came about for those people who stay at home and vacation there. It means you’re not dealing with crowds or airports or traffic jams. You can walk into the backyard and indulge in feeling like you’ve been away from home and from the stress of daily living.

To enjoy a staycation you will want to put a few items in place to ensure that once you open the backdoor you will want to feel as though you’re in a different space – a vacation spot, as it were.

Plan your staycation.

  1. Decide if you want a theme. Do you simply want the backyard space to be free from electronics and from daily stress or do you want to feel like you’re vacationing in Hawaii or in an amusement park? Determine that as a family and make your plans.
  2. Turn the outdoor living space into a natural space. Plant plants and flowers. Install a fountain feature. Put up some bird feeders or a bird bath.
  3. As mentioned, make the backyard space electronics-free. Don’t bury your head in a phone or tablet. You may want to have a phone outdoors in case of emergencies, but set it aside and simply be present!
  4. Don’t to yardwork or other work-related tasks. Make sure that when you declare it’s “staycation time” that you focus on relaxation and family time.
  5. Eat all meals outside in the backyard. If you want, prepare the meals a day in advance so you can enjoy the time outside rather than cooking meals. Consider eating picnic type meals that don’t require any cooking. Make your own submarine sandwiches, eat leftovers, prepare salads and finger foods and have chips and dip and grill up burgers. Make it easy for everyone.
  6. Buy some new, fun toys. Pick up new furniture or pool toys. Consider buying some games you can play together – croquet or bocce ball. In pool games are also fun – a basketball hoop, volleyball net. Make sure the outdoor living space is comfortable and welcoming and that there is enough seating area for everyone.

 Focus on fun! When you’re on vacation, you’re focused on fun, right? Well, that is what the backyard staycation should be – fun and relaxed and a way to build memories. Don’t forget to take photos to document your staycation.

Give us a call before and after your staycation time to ensure the pool water is clean and clear and ready for you to swim!