Bella Blue Pool contractors urge you to avoid these common pool mistakes

Many people consider themselves do-it-yourselfers and are great at the home repair projects they undertake. If, however, you’re not quite confident of your skills you will want to avoid these common pool mistakes. In many cases, it is always best to work with a qualified, experienced swimming pool contractor like one from Bella Blue Pools to have your project completed. A swimming pool is a major investment and you don’t want lack of knowledge and skill to damage the pool and your investment. You also don’t want your pool to be out of commission because of a faulty project.

Common pool mistakes

  • Building without a permit. Chances are you will need a building permit for any project you do at your home. When you work with a pool contractor, he will obtain those for you.
  • Not setting a budget. You don’t want to get into the middle of a project and realize it is going to cost a lot more than you anticipated.
  • Not investing in high quality materials. You don’t want to cut corners on your swimming pool project. A pool is a major investment that should last for decades — and will — if constructed with quality materials.
  • Jumping on a trend. You may love a current trend, want it in your pool project, then realize it’s just too trendy and then you’re stuck. Make sure you put thorough thought into any trendy items you may want for your pool. A question to ask is, “If we sold our home, would this trendy item be a selling point or a detriment to a new owner?”
  • Not making the investment in energy efficient materials. Sure, energy efficient materials cost more up front, but the savings you realize in the long run make it worth the investment.
  • Building a pool that doesn’t complement your home or the neighborhood in which you live. Again, if something is too trendy, it might not be something you will love living with long term.
  • Not considering whether the changes you’re making will add to the resale value of your home. In many cases, having a swimming pool is an asset and increases the value of your home. A poorly constructed pool project, though, will decrease the value and limit your chance of a sale if you put the home on the market. Always think long term when doing a project.

If this is the year you want to upgrade or update your swimming pool, talk with an experienced swiming pool contractor and ask for advice on the project. Don’t jump into a pool renovation only to find out you’re ill-prepared to complete it!