What happens first, then second, then next and so on and so on when you’re going through a swimming pool construction project? The swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio offer information on 5 ways to make your pool project move along.

We know that once you’ve decided to have a swimming pool constructed for your family, you definitely want it to move quickly so you can jump right in! We urge you to be patient, though. Your pool project is too expensive and too much of a long-term commitment to your pool project to rush through. In addition to setting the budget, finding a pool contractor, determining how to make your pool be the most environmentally-friendly it can be as well a determining what building material and the accessories to have included in the project and the outdoor living space and deck area.

Tips to ensure a successful pool project follows and we always take time to answer our customer’s questions and spend time with them to ensure they get the project of their dreams.

5 ways to make your pool project move along

Go through this list before you talk with a pool contractor and keep it handy for future reference.

  • Talk with at least three contractors when you’re gathering your quotes for the pool project. When asking for a quote, make sure you are getting the same information from all of them — construction material, environmentally-friendly accessories, size, shape and equipment model and manufacturer. Speak with at least three pool contractors. Pay attention to specific materials and brand names the contractor you’re speaking with will be using. Be aware that each contractor will likely use different equipment manufacturers and if that is the case, you need to do comparison shopping for them. Know the timeline for construction, know what is included in the contract and excluded as well.
  • Ask for and contact the references of all the contractors you want to potentially work with. A reputable contractor will happily supply you with contact information for current and former clients. When you talk with the references, ask whether they’d hire them again and what they liked, and didn’t like, about working with them.
  • Ensure the potential contractor is fully licensed and insured. Does he or she hire subcontractors? This may make a difference to you if you don’t want to work with an outside sub contractor. You also need to check the insurance provider of the contractor to ensure the policy is in effect.
  • Is the project manager for your construction the pool company owner? If not, who is going to be the project manager and what is his or her experience?
  • Never work with a contractor who is requiring you to pay for the entire project up front. An experienced and well-respected contractor will write the contract that is worded in a way that requires payment in increments based on the progress of the construction.

Follow along on the progress of the project and ensure it is being kept to the proposed schedule. If there are delays you need to understand why and whether it will cost you additional money for the project.