Everyone probably has a “truism” their families shared with them when they were growing up. The swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Maumee, Ohio understand and they have been busting swimming pool myths when their customers and potential customers ask about the pool myths they heard growing up and wonder if they are true now that they own their own swimming pool.

Are you ready for some myth busting?

Busting swimming pool myths

  1. If you pee in the pool the water will turn blue. If only that were true! Then every pool owner would know who the culprit was! The best way to assure there is no pee in the pool is to ask everyone not to do that!
  2. You need to wait an hour after eating before you swim or you will get cramps and drown. This is not true. Although, your food will still be digesting and you may potentially get a cramp, it likely wouldn’t be enough to cause drowning BUT the biggest lesson here is to NEVER swim alone. Just eat a light meal before you swim to prevent any cramps.
  3. I can smell chlorine – there’s too much in the water! This is just the opposite. Chlorine is colorless and odorless. If you can smell it, the water is dirty. Chlorine in the pool water will attach to bacteria and create chloramines. When you’re smelling chlorine it is in the air because the chloramines turn into oxygen and escape into the air. If you smell chlorine that means it’s not doing its job.
  4. My blonde hair is turning green because of the chlorine in the water! That’s a myth because it’s the copper in the water that reacts with colored hair and changes its color.
  5. Chlorine is making my eyes bloodshot. Again, not chlorine’s fault! When your eyes get red from swimming it’s because there is a chemical imbalance with the pH levels.
  6. My pool water is healthy for swimming in because it’s clear and bright! False! Just because the pool water is clean and clear doesn’t mean the water chemistry is right. It’s important to always test the pool water chemistry to assure yourself that the water is safe for swimming in.

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