Did you know that April is water conservation month? If you own a swimming pool you may wonder how to conserve water in your swimming pool. You nay want to do this because you’re environmentally consious or because you want to save money — hey it isn’t cheap to keep filling a pool or to keep adding more chemicals to the water once you’ve refilled it.

Water conservation is a serious issue that many areas of the world face on a daily basis. In the United States we may not give water too much thought because we go to the faucet, turn it on and out comes water. It’s not that way for many parts of the world, though.

How to conserve water in your swimming pool

What can you do to conserve water in your swimming pool? 

  1. Clean the pool filter. If it’s clean, it operates more efficiently and helps keep the water cleaner. A dirty pool filter means you will need to have it backwashed by your swimming pool contractor from Bella Blue Pools and backwashing takes a LOT of water.
  2. Is the pool leaking? A pool with cracks and leaks will cost you a lot of money in lost water. Some cracks and leaks are so small that you may not notice them for months. If, however, you notice the pool water levels slowly sinking over time you will want to talk with your pool contractor and ask him to see if he can locate the leak and repair it.
  3. Do you use your pool heater? Warmed water will evaporate more quickly than non-heated water. If you reduce the temperature of your swimming pool heater by even a degree or two you can reduce the evaporation effect.

 You can conserve water in your swimming pool by: 

  1. Always use a pool cover when the pool isn’t in use. It will help slow the rate of evaporation.
  2. Keep the pool water at proper levels. Overfilling the pool will lead to more water being splashed out.

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is great fun for people who have them. A pool is a great way to get in shape, build memories with your family and to have a pool-party filled summer with friends. Ask us about ways to conserve water, and save money, when you’re operating your family swimming pool.