Swimming pool construction contractors have been busier this year — because of the coronavirus pandemic — than many of them have been in recent years. The reason is that vacations and trips and summer parties have been canceled. Families are staying close to home, working from home and maybe even homeschooling. You need to make the most of your yard and we have smart pool style decisions to make when talking with a pool contractor.

The Toledo, Ohio swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools explain the second most important step in your eco-friendly pool project is to find a pool contractor to take on the project for you. The first step is knowing how much you can afford to pay for the construction and ongoing upkeep and maintenance.

Bella Blue Pools contractors know you will need to decide — and they can help — on a pool style that best suits your family and its needs. After you’ve found the contractor with whom you want to place your trust, you will be asked — early in the proces:

  1. What will the pool be used for? Exercise? Swimming laps? Pool parties (when they can happen again)
  2. How many people will be using it? Two of you? A large family of ten?
  3. Do you want the pool to be more aesthetically pleasing than functional (some people want it as a centerpiece and may not even swim that often)
  4. Where do you want it placed and what kind of landscaping do you want?

Smart Pool Style Decisions To Make

What shape will fit into your existing landscaping? Don’t you care if you have to remove trees or grade the hillside to accommodate the pool? It’s your choice, certainly, but it is something you definitely need to consider.

Spend some time going through our look book and talking with customers whose pools we have constructed to get a good idea on the type of work we do. It may also spark your imagination for your own project.

Bottom line: The pool you ultimately get is limited by your imagination and your budget. Take your time deciding what you want and how you want your pool to meld into your life. It is a major project and investment. Get a pool you will be happy with for a lifetime.