Toledo, Ohio swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools know that pool owners will eventually be drawn to the idea of having a diving board or slide installed in their swimming pool– this usually happens as the children get older and are looking for more ways to have fun in the swimming pool. Diving board and slide safety is something that needs to be front of mind for all pool owners and your pool contractors can help you understand safety and implement ways to keep everyone safe.

Your pool contractor will inspect the security of the diving board and slide when he pays a service visit to ensure none of the hardware has loosen and caused a potential safety hazard. As with everything in and around your swimming pool, safety needs to be front of mind. Use extreme caution – or avoid the swimming pool, if you’re imbibing alcohol.

Diving board and slide safety

  • Only one person at a time should use the diving board
  • Never dive – or swim – alone
  • Stay out from under the board when someone is on it.
  • Know the weight limits of the board.
  • Jump far enough away from the board that you won’t hit your head
  • Don’t run on the board
  • The diving board should be off limits if there are a lot of people in the pool

Pool slides are also fun, but require specific height and space requirements to be used safely.

  • Never use the slide alone.
  • The slide needs to be installed to manufacturer specs.
  • Ensure routine inspection to assure it’s secure
  • Know the weight limits
  • Only one person at a time should use the slide
  • Don’t go headfirst down the slide

Pools are great and adding a slide or diving board will make it even more fun — just use it safely.