Does your dog enjoy the water? When you go to the beach does he trot along with you and run and jump in the surf? If you’re looking for how to enjoy the pool with your pup the swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio can work with you to make it safe and environmentally-friendly for you and your four-legged pal

Remember, contrary to popular belief not all dogs know how to swim and not all dogs enjoy water. There are also breeds like Bulldogs and Pugs who shouldn’t be in water that is deeper than their bellies because they are not strong swimmers.

How to enjoy the pool with your pup

Know your dog and know and understand her comfort level with water. Don’t force your dog into the water.

  1. Invest in a ramp and only let your dog enter and exit the pool from the ramp. Teach him where it is, how to use it and then mark it with a flag or something that gives him a focal point to get out.
  2. Swimming with a large, muscular dog or a dog like a Pug or Bulldog may struggle with water deeper than its belly. No matter what breed dog you have, invest in a dog life vest and have your dog wear it any time he is around the pool.
  3. If you think your dog will love the water but want to be sure he is safe, hire a doggy swim instructor. Yes, your dog will do the “doggy paddle” but that may not be enough to keep his head above water or keep him safe in the pool.
  4. Is your dog a little chunky? If so then a swim “workout” is a great way to get him in shape without putting stress on his joints. Senior and overweight dogs benefit from swimming.
  5. A vinyl liner pool may not be the best pool material in which to have a dog swimming. His nails could damage the liner and cause a leak — something to keep in mind.
  6. Try to keep your dog from drinking the pool water. Even if your pool is environmentally-friendly and doesn’t use many chemicals — it will still use some and you don’t want your dog to drink swimming pool water. Always have fresh drinking water poolside.

If your dog is always running around the pool when the family is swimming, you may just have a dog who wants to join you. Do it safely. Get him used to the dog life vest. Invest in a ramp then swim together and enjoy the summer!