Asking what is the best pool style is like asking, why is the sky blue or what is your favorite food. The “best” pool style for you isn’t necessarily the best pool style for your friend or neighbor and that’s all right! The best pool for you is the one that you and your family have always dreamed of, what you can afford and what fits in with your budget as well as your lifestyle.

Are you getting a pool this summer? Do you know what kind of pool you want? What building material (concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liner)? How big it will be? Where it will be placed? What kind of landscaping you will have? What types of accessories and safety features it will have? Whew! And that’s not all of the questions you will be answering when you talk with a pool contractor from Bella Blue Pools in Maumee.

What is the best pool style?

Deciding on the “best” pool can be fun, even if it’s a bit overwhelming at first.

What we recommend is to have fun and enjoy the process and see the light at the end of the tunnel when you own your own swimming pool!

Here are two questions to ponder before you talk with a pool contractor: 

  1. What is the budget. That’s the biggest question and may well help you answer other questions that arise.
  2. How will you use your pool? For exercise? For leisure and stay-cation activities? Entertaining colleagues? As a showpiece to your backyard? A combination of many of these?

Pool design. Consider the shape of your yard and the size pool you want. Do you want a pool that will conform to the landscape or will you remove trees and other items on the lawn?

Consider this when choosing a pool style

  • A pool is a great way to get – or stay – in shape. If exercise is the main focus of ownership, you may want to consider a lap pool. A lap pool will fit into almost any size yard and are built for functionality more than for aesthetics.
  • If you want your pool for family entertainment and enjoyment, add features found at water parks, like a fountain, diving board, slide, sun shelves, rock waterfall.

The budget and your family’s imagination and the yard space available will be the deciding factors on your pool project. Spend time with us to assure you get the pool you’ve always dreamed of.