Swimming pools are costly. Swimming pools require upkeep, maintenance and at some point, they will require renovations and remodeling. The swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio offer ways to budget for swimming pool updates. Saving from the moment you get your pool is a wise thing to do — just as you’d budget for any major home or vehicle repair.

We have ways to take the bite out of paying for a pool remodeling project. If you’ve ever owned a swimming pool, it is a major investment and makes staycation family fun exciting.

Ways to budget for swimming pool updates

When faced with a pool repair — major or minor — you may stress about how you’re going to pay for it. If you work with our experienced pool professionals you can rest assured that we will inspect the pool equipment, keep it in good working order and let you know if we notice any potential issues that may arise in the future.

Here are pool repair and remodel saving options

  1. Don’t skimp on regular maintenance. Keeping the pool maintained and serviced will keep the equipment operating at its peak and help cut back on the potential for costly repairs.
  2. What is the difference in the price between you DIYing pool repairs or hiring a pro? Give us a call and let us give you an estimate on pool service and maintenance and you can determine if it’s worth it to do it yourself or leave the maintenance to a professional.
  3. Address small issues before they become big ones. Don’t put a bandaid on a maintenance issue and hope it goes away — chances are it won’t and chances are you will pay more.
  4. Start a swimming pool repair bank account. Determine how much you want to put away a month then stick to it. You will sleep easier if you know you have the money on hand for a repair.

When you work with one of our pool service professionals from Bella Blue Pools he or she will perform an in-depth inspection of the pool and its equipment and let you know the state of the equipment, if it needs a repair or replacement and the life left in the equipment.