2021 is the year! You’re going to have your own swimming pool right in your Toledo, Ohio backyard space! If 2020 has shown you anything it’s that you and your family need to make home sweet home, as sweet as you can since vacations have been curtailed because of coronavirus. We have put together 4 ways to budget for a pool project and you will want to do this BEFORE you meet with a potential eco-friendly pool contractor.

The swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Maumee, Ohio know that if you know you have a budget of $50,000 to spend you will understand if some of the ideas you’re putting forth are in the $100,000+ range. Don’t shop with a $10 budget for a $1 million project! A pool is a luxury and is a major investment and you need to budget wisely.

Remember, the pool construction is the first cost you’ll face. Here are others:

  1. Increases in utility bills
  2. Increases in water bills
  3. The cost of ongoing maintenance
  4. The cost of heating the water if you get a heater
  5. The payments associated with paying for the pool (we know we mentioned that, but it bears repeating)

The way to not go stir crazy if the pandemic and its shut downs continue is by making your home a staycation hot spot. Chances are you have been saving money on vacations to exotic lands or even cross country to visit the folks. If that’s the case, you can put that money toward your own swimming pool

4 Ways To Budget For A Pool Project

Here are our best first-step tips for your 2021 pool project.

  • Ask friends what they paid for their pools. This will give you an idea of what the money you have budgeted for your project might get you.
  • Know what you want in your pool. How large. What accessories (hot tub, deep end, diving board, pool heater)
  • What are your non-negotiables? There may be some pool project items you refuse to live without and if that’s the case you may need to decide what you want to give up.
  • Contact at least three pool contractors to get estimates for your pool project. Let the contractor know up front what your budget is and what your non negotiables are then see what he comes up with. Also, don’t skimp on high quality and high efficiency equipment; they may be invisible parts of the pool but could be big money savers in the long run.

Remember there are three pool construction materials and they will also play a major role in the price of the pool. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of each so you can make an informed purchase. Start the project now so you can swim next season!

Our pool contractors have been working throughout the pandemic and we practice safety for you and our contractors. Don’t let the pandemic hold you back from a pool project. Give us a call today!