The swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Maumee, Ohio understand that not everyone wants — or can afford — an in-ground swimming pool. Above-ground pools are also great for those who may be renting or may know they aren’t going to be in that home for a long time — an above-ground pool could be dismantled and taken with you. We have tips for how to buy an above-ground pool.

When you get an above-ground pool you can add accessories, a deck and other pool items you may have dreamed of. You will also need to plan for water chemistry testing and balancing and we can perform that service for you whether you have an above-ground or an in-ground pool.

How To Buy An Above Ground Pool

Here are some things to consider when getting an above ground pool.

  1. The construction material. Resin frame above ground pools are strong and easy to care for. Steel frame models are lightweight, can be installed onto an existing deck because of their weight and are less expensive than resin. Hybrid construction material pools are the best of resin and steel styles.
  2. Determine the pool height — which will determine the pool water depth
  3. The size and shape of the pool
  4. The type of pool liner may not make much of an impact in your choice, but you will choose from: overlap, expandable, beaded or j-jook styles
  5. You will need a pump and filter
  6. You may want a pool water heater
  7. You will want to invest in a pool cover
  8. You will need a pool ladder
  9. Determine the type of pool fencing you want — for safety and compliance sake
  10. Water chemistry test kit
  11. Pool chemicals if you’re going to DIY the maintenance
  12. Pool vacuum or automatic pool cleaner

Don’t let another summer go by without having your own swimming pool. Constructing one may be a DIY project, but contact us and we can help.