If you have a swimming pool, but don’t know how to swim you may watch your family and friends from the sidelines, but there is no reason you can’t learn to swim. Even adults can learn to swim with enough patience and more importantly, with the right instructor. The swimming pool instructors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio offer these swim lesson basics.

If you, the adult in the household, know how to swim you can also help keep everyone who uses the pool safe when they are in the pool. The American Red Cross estimates that more than half of all American adults don’t know how to swim or don’t know how to swim well. Regardless of whether you are self-taught or if you’re taking lessons to learn to swim, you may just have more fun in the pool if you can swim.

How Adults Can Learn To Swim

There are some tips for learning to swim as an adult.

  1. Find the instructor whom you like. If you’re taking swim lessons from someone you simply don’t care for or don’t mesh with, you won’t enjoy the lessons and you also won’t likely keep up with the practice. Look for an instructor that is not only experienced but who has the personality from whom you want to learn. Find out what the instructor charges, how many people he or she will teach at one and if the lessons will be at your pool or at a different location.
  2. Learning to swim means learning the fundamentals of swimming pool safety. Swimming is great exercise and it is also a safety concern. You need to know how to protect yourself and be safe in the water while you’re relaxing and exercising. Look for an instructor who will brief you in the basics of swimming pool safety while also teaching you swim strokes.
  3. Set aside time for practicing your swimming between lessons. Never swim alone, regardless of whether you can swim or if you’re in the learning process. When you’re in the pool and in learning mode, it may make sense to wear a life vest and make certain the person who’s out there with you while you’re swimming is paying attention and has access to lifesaving devices (a life ring or a hook to pull you to safety)

  Don’t let age be a barrier to your having fun in the swimming pool with your family and friends!