Bella Blue Pools offer budget-friendly swimming pool ideas

Summer is soon going to be upon us. Will this be another summer when you hear your children say, “We want a swimming pool!” Chances are you have been wanting a swimming pool as well, but just aren’t sure you have the money for one. The swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools explain there are budget-friendly swimming pool ideas that will help you realize your dream of pool ownership without breaking the bank.

Budget-friendly swimming pool

If you have always thought that swimming pool ownership was out of reach, here are some ways in which you can realize the dream while staying on budget.

  1. Get a small swimming pool. The bigger the pool, the bigger the price tag for that pool. How small can you go and still accommodate your family comfortably? If you’re not planning to host large pool parties, consider a lap pool — it’s a budget and a space saver. We’ll bet your children will never say, “this pool is too small!”
  2. Put some of the pool features on hold. If you want a pool heater, or a slide or diving board or a hot tub, but just can’t afford it right now, put those features on hold until you can. There is no reason you can’t add accessories over time until you have all of the water features you’ve always dreamed of. One item you shouldn’t put on hold, though is a pool cover — these are money saving features and worth the investment.
  3. Your patio and outdoor living space is another area in which you can start small and build upon as time passes.

Proper planning and know what you can afford for your new swimming pool project is the first step in getting the project underway. Let us know your budget, your pool dreams and let us help you make it a reality!