Questions to answer about your pool project, Bella Blue Pools contractors explain

Swimming pools have become more affordable in recent years and that has lead to an increase in pool owners in the Toledo, Ohio area. The swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools explain there are questions to answer about your pool project before contracts are signed and before any earth is excavated.

Questions to answer about your pool project

  1. Pool construction cost and the cost of pool maintenance: Know what the budget for your pool project will be before you meet with a pool contractor. Don’t go into a meeting with ideas that will cost $100,000 if you have a budget of $50,000. Let your pool contractor know up front what your construction budget is, what you hope for in your family pool and how to make it happen. Don’t forget to ask what ongoing pool maintenance will cost so you can budget for that as well.
  2. Where will it be placed? Knowing where you will place the pool should be one of your first decisions. This is a big decision because once the pool is in, there’s obviously no changing your mind! Decide how you want to use your yard, how much yard you want to devote to the pool and what the outdoor living space will encompass.
  3. Design and construction materials. Ask for a 3D rendering of what the yard will look like after the pool is in. Ask for an aerial view as well. Decide whether you want concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liner pool. Also on the decision making scale are the shape and size of the pool. Ask your pool contractor to explain the pros and cons of each building material so you can make an informed decision.
  4. Other considerations. You will need building permits from the local zoning office, and you will want to talk with your insurance agent to make certain you are covered for liability. Budget for and invest in a swimming pool cover and budget for the swimming pool safety fence.

In many areas of the country, swimming pool construction season could be getting underway. If you want a pool that you can enjoy this summer, you may want to begin the process of talking with potential pool contractors today! Give us a call and begin the research process for your pool project. Learn about the various building material types, accessories you may want in your pool, and when you will be able to swim this summer if you start your research today!