Swimming pool projects are, by definition, costly. How to plan a budget friendly pool project is something that the swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Maumee and Toledo, Ohio work with new pool owners on regularly. They understand that you can have a pool even if you don’t have a $100,000 pool budget! In fact, many pool owners want a modest swimming pool because they are looking for a pool for family fun, not to break the bank!

A swimming pool is one of the most costly investments many people make in their lifetimes, second only to the purchase of a home, so you want to make sure you’re getting the pool of your dreams — even if it takes you a few years to realize the entire dream.

How to plan a budget friendly pool project

Summer is fast approaching and if you want to make sure another summer doesn’t pass you by without owning your own swimming pool, let’s talk today and let’s get your pool project research out of the way and you can decide when you want the construction to begin.

Swimming pool ownership is more in reach for more families than it has ever been. The prices have dropped on some items, you can buy “last year’s models” on equipment and banks are willing to invest in your pool project if it enhances the value of your home.

The best way to begin a pool project is to have a budget in mind for the project, know what you can afford as a monthly payment if you’re financing it, budgeting for increases in utility bills and budgeting for pool maintenance and upkeep.

  1. Scale back the size of the pool. How big a pool do you want or need? Can you scale back on the size of the pool in order to spend money on other aspects of the project?
  2. What building material do you want? Gunite is the most expensive, fiberglass is the second most and vinyl liner pools are the third most expensive construction materials.
  3. Are there features you can put on hold for now? Do you need a pool heater right now? Do you want the rock waterfall immediately or can that structure wait? How about adding the hot tub in the end of the pool? Is that something you have your heart set on? Ask us what accessories are more cost effective to put into the original project and which are cost effective to incorporate at a later date.
  4. Factor in the idea that even though energy efficient and higher quality pool equipment will cost more up front, what is your return on investment and will that make it worth the up front cost? In many times it it makes sense.
  5. Can landscaping and your outdoor living space wait another year?

When you tell your pool contractor up front what you have to spend for your project, which items are non negotiable and which items are negotiable, it’s easier for us to put togethe the ideal pool project for you and your family.