What does it cost to own a pool? This is usually one of the first questions we get asked when we talk with potential swimming pool owners. The pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools know that there is no one size fits all price to own a pool, nor is there a one size fits all answer to how much does it cost to clean a pool or heat a pool.

What does it cost to own a pool?

Owning a swimming pool means you will be faced with many decisions, not the least of which is how much it will cost you to have it constructed. Here are some items that go into the price of a pool project:

  1. Where you live
  2. How big you want the pool
  3. What building material you choose
  4. What accessories you want added
  5. Whether you want an inground or an above ground pool
  6. Many, many more!

Let’s start with the types of pools you will have to choose from.

  1. A gunite pool is the most expensive
  2. Fiberglass is the second most costly
  3. A vinyl liner pool is considered average in price.
  4. Above ground pools are the least expensive

Even with that being said, you are probably looking at a price tag of more than $20,000 for an in ground pool.

The area of the country in which you live will also play a part on the price of your swimming pool.  Price for materials, ease in excavation and other items factor into the price of your pool.

Water features will add to the price of the pool. You can have a hot tub or spa, a diving board, fountain feature, rock waterfall, slide, sun shelves, deep end or shallow end, a beach entry, in pool lighting and more! Don’t forget about having a heater and add in the price of a pool cover. Don’t forget to budget for the cost of a safety fence — it will be required as part of the construction process and any other safety measures.

After the pool has been constructed you will need to budget for the ongoing upkeep and maintenance and the increased cost in utility bills to operate the swimming pool.