Birds, bugs and other critters can take away some of the fun from being in your swimming pool. Have you ever wondered how to keep birds out of your swimming pool? The pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools, work with their customers to help keep their pools varmint free and there are many ways to do that.

Keep birds out of your swimming pool

  1. Use a pool cover. A pool cover should be considered a necessity for all swimming pool owners. Depending on the type you buy you can heat the pool water, protect children and pets from falling in and keep birds out of the water. A cover also helps eliminate water evaporation and can cut back on the amount of pool chemicals you use.
  2.  Use an automatic pool cleaner. If this is running and moving around the swimming pool, it will frighten birds and they will likely avoid the pool. However, if you’re diligent in the use of the pool cover, this won’t be necessary.
  3. Toss some inflatable pool toys onto the pool and use those to scare away birds. A large, inflatable whale or raft or alligator will keep the birds at bay. Inflatable animal-centric items work best.
  4. If you have a dog you can have him or her bark to scare birds away. You don’t want to leave your dog alone in the swimming pool area in case he falls in and can’t get out. A barking dog, though will scare away most all birds.
  5. Even if you’re using a pool cover, if you’re not going to be around the pool for a couple of days, why not set up chimes or other items that will act as noisemakers to scare away birds and other critters.

Talk with us if you’re having problems with critters in and around your swimming pool. Don’t let birds and bird poo damage the pool or dirty up the water.