Whether you have a stand alone hot tub or a hot tub constructed into one end of your family swimming pool, it can be a drain on your resources. The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio have money-saving tips for hot tub owners that you may already be using, and some you may never have thought of.

You know that your hot tub is the ideal place to relax and get away from it all after a stressful day. A hot tub is also a place where you can sink into the heated depths and take the chill out when winter is in your area of the country.

Do you close your pool for the winter season and keep your hot tub open? Do you have your hot tub open and available all year long? No matter which way, you can save money on the hot tub operations.

Money-saving tips for hot tub owners

  1. Use programmable items — heater, pump and filter. When you program these items they will turn on and off automatically and can be programmed to run at night when electricity is less expensive.
  2. Ask your hot tub service contractor whether there is an “economy” setting for the hot tub that you can use. This setting will lower the temperature by ten to fifteen degrees when no one is using the hot tub. You don’t want to completely turn off the heat because it will cost you more and take a long time to get the water to a soakable temp.
  3. Turn air controls and valves into the “off” position. These valves and air controls pull outside air into the hot tub and push it through your jets when the tub isn’t in use and makes the heater worker harder and longer to keep the water at the temperature you’ve chosen.
  4. When you’re not using the hot tub, cover it. Whether you put a solar cover or thermal blanket or a hot tub safety cover, keeping it covered slows the rateof evaporation and traps the heat you’re paying for.
  5. Is the hot tub correctly and fully insulated?
  6. Put up a privacy fence to keep the wind from blowing across the top of the water. This will keep the water warmer, slow the rate of evaporation and keep your soak time private from prying eyes.
  7. Drop the temperature by one or two degrees. You will realize a savings in your heat bills and chances are you won’t notice the difference.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money on your hot tub bills, ask us the next time we pay a service visit.