Maumee, Ohio pool contractors at Bella Blue Pools offer reasons to go high-tech with pool safety. If you remember what it was like when you were growing up and either had your own pool or jumped into the pools of family friends, they probably had safety measures in place, that as a child you didn’t pay attention to. Now, as an adult who has a family and a pool you need to have many measures in place to keep everyone safe.

If there was an above-ground pool it probably had a ladder that flipped up and locked BUT what would prevent anyone from jumping onto the sides and jumping in? Nothing unless there was a fence surrounding it. If there was a pool with a chain-link fence what would prevent you from climbing it? Nothing! Now you know better and have gone high-tech with your pool safety, right?

Reasons to go high tech with pool safety

Today you can’t install a pool without safety pool fencing – it is a requirement of municipalities and is enforced by zoning officers. Even with fencing, you know a curious child can find a way over. It’s a great idea to have backup safety measures.

Talk with us when we are constructing your pool or when we are working on your maintenance visits and let’s discuss safety measures that will take your pool to higher levels to keep everyone safe around the pool and safe when you’re not home to supervise it.

Because so many swimming pool owners want ways to enhance the safety and security of the pool, swimming pool service professionals have stepped up and had new safety offerings.

  1. Pool fencing
  2. Self locking gates
  3. Infrared motion detectors and other hi-tech devices.
  4. Some municipalities require more than one safety device in your swimming pool – your local swimming pool builder is a great resource for knowing what is necessary
  5. Motion detector technology – if the infrared beam of light is broken, an alarm will sound. There are also devices that float on the water and these, too, will sound an alarm if the surface of the water is broken. Both types of detectors come with various sensitivity level settings; it may take a bit of experimentation to find the correct setting for your needs. You certainly don’t want the alarm going off every time a leaf falls into the pool.
  6. Motion activated cameras are fast becoming a favorite safety device. Program the cameras to sweep and monitor the swimming pool area or they can be set motion activation if it detects motion in the area. You will want to wire the camera to either a computer or a television monitor that is centrally located for easy monitoring.

Regardless of the high-tech security around the pool, you can NEVER take a moment away from constant supervision by responsible adults whenever anyone is in the pool.