Swimming pools are great for frolicking and for exercise, but what if you have a diability or mobility issue that prevents you from getting into the pool? How to have a mobility-impaired friendly pool is something that the pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools understand and work with their customers who require that.

Swimmng provides therapeutic and relaxation benefits, but you need to be able to get into the water in order to reap those benefits. A swimming pool is a low impact way to strengthen muscles and unwind at the end of a long day.

Water aerobics, swimming and water walking are idea exercises for people with physical disabilities or those recovering from injuries. To make your pool accessible for everyone there are steps your pool contractor can take and you can implement to help you get into or out of the pool.

How to have a mobility-impaired friendly pool

  • Do you have a pool that needs to be updated to be impaired-friendly? You can have your pool contractor remodel it to install a permanent ramp.  You can also purchase portable ramps that lead from the deck to the water. The ramps work for those who use an aquatic wheelchair.
  • Install a ramp that descends on a slow inclined slope from the deck to the bottom of the pool. Remember to install a handrail as an additional support mechanism.
  • If you have an above ground pool you may want to consider an electronic lift. With a lift, you sit in the seat, and it lifts you up and over the wall and lowers you into the pool.
  • Pool ladders can be made more accessible if you purchase a ladder that has a wider step and more wide set rungs.

Whether you’re just getting a pool installed and need assistance with mobility into and out of the pool or if you have become mobility impaired since you’ve owned it, give us a call and we can work with you to help assure you can still enjoy your swimming pool.