Pack your swimsuit when you go shopping for a hot tub or spa. It’s true! You will want to get into a hot tub and get a feeling for the jets, their placement, the height, width and depth of the seating in a hot tub. The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio have put together this list of 5 hot tub buying tips to help you in your shopping endeavors.

A hot tub can be a stand-alone structure, can be indoors, set upon your porch or next to the swimming pool. It can also be nestled into a secluded area of your yard for a more private and intimate experience. When you have a hot tub that means you have access to water year-round. Ask anyone and they will tell you that soaking in a hot tub in the midst of a deep freeze in winter is a luxury beyond compare.

5 hot tub buying tips

Check out these buying and shopping tips and use them as a jumping off point for your own shopping experience.

  1. Do you want your hot tub next to the pool? Do you want it in-ground or above ground? Do you want to undertake a major renovation and put the hot tub inside the pool itself for a swim-up experience? Location. Location. Location. The weather may also play a role in where you place the hot tub. Keep in mind that you need to get to and from the hot tub in a snow storm.
  2. Don’t forget to plan for the pad upon which you will place the hot tub or spa. You will need to have concrete or some other material poured to hold the hot tub.
  3. Budget for between $5,000 and up to $25,000 or more for your hot tub purchase. This may or may not include the price of placement and the pad, but it is a starting point.
  4. Check on warranty information for the structure itself, the installation and the equipment you’re buying with the hot tub. Equipment could include pump, filter, heater, hot tub cover lifter, any accessories like a towel heater and more.
  5. Plan for the plumbing and electrical hook-ups for the hot tub or spa. The closer to the house or your swimming pool the easier it is to hook up the plumbing and electrical to the hot tub — it may also be more cost-efficient.

We’d mentioned wearing a swim suit and that is because you will want to “sample” the hot tub or spa before you buy. Make note of the comfort — or discomfort — of the seats. Where are the jets hitting on your body? What type of feeling do you want from your jets? Are you looking for therapeutic or simple comfort benefits or both?

Set your budget and have an idea of where you want your hot tub placed and give us a call today. Let’s get your hot tub project underway today!