When you’re talking with a swimming pool contractor from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio, one thing you need to ask yourself is can you afford a swimming pool? It’s not a trick question, but when we talk with our customers we know that there are many factors that aren’t considered when they think of owning a swimming pool.

The cost of the initial construction is definitely something you need to pay attention to and budget for, but the cost of ongoing maintenance and refilling the pool when it gets low from evaporation or from splash out the costs of increases in home utility bills when you become a pool owner.

There is no one size fits all answer nor is there a one size fits all when it comes to pool construction and ownership, use and ongoing upkeep and maintenance. Whether you heat the pool water and use a pool contractor to keep the pool clean or DIY it or use a pool cover or have accessories like a diving board or slide — the costs vary wildly.

Can you afford a swimming pool?

Here are factors to consider:

  1. Where you live — area of the country, city, country, etc.
  2. Size of the pool
  3. Building material — this will figure into the cost of the pool and ongoing maintenance. For example a fiberglass pool is less costly to maintain and clean than a gunite.
  4. The accessories
  5. Inground or above ground pool
  6. To name a few!

Pool styles

  1. Gunite — the most costly, but longest lasting
  2. Fiberglass — second most costly, but easiest to maintain
  3. Vinyl liner — could get rips or punctures
  4. Above ground — least expensive, don’t add to the resale value of your home (that could be a minus) and don’t last as long as other styles

Plan for a price tag of — at the very lowest end of $25,000 for inground pools.

Where you live plays a role in cost. Material prices, ease in installation and availability of equipment and the efficiency levels of the equipment. Ease of excavation.

Water features and accessories definitely add to the price. Will you have a hot tub or spa installed as part of the pool construction? These are beautiful and also allow you to use your pool for more months of the year, but they will add to the construction and ongoing maintenance and utility costs.

Budget for the deck, safety fence and other safety equipment as well as if you heat the water. Budget for ongoing maintenance and upkeep and make sure you put a budget item in for a pool cover as that will save you money in the long run.