Your swimming pool contractor from Bella Blue Pools is the go-to source for many pool-related items from construction to remodeling to pool service. If you’re wondering, though is it time to change the pool filter sand you will want to ask him, but you will likely notice a difference in the pool filter pressure if the sand is getting worn down.

The sand in the pool filter can last up to fifteen years without being changed. Know that if you wait that long to have the pool sand changed in the filter, it won’t filter out dirt, debris and bacteria as effectively as it once did. Once the sand gets worn down though — and it will — your pool contractor can take on that task on your behalf.

The sand in the pool filter, when it’s new is very rough. It’s the roughness that helps filter out dirt particles. Sand in your pool filter is .45 to .55 mm in diameter in the beginning of its filtering cycle.

Once the sand’s efficiency has diminished, your swimming pool service professional will need to use more sanitizer to keep the water clean and this can increase pool maintenance costs.

Is it time to change the pool filter sand?

Here are tips your pool service pro will take to change the sand in the filter and replace it with new sand:

  1. The filters will be opened so the sand can be removed.
  2. After the filter has been removed the sand will be dug out.
  3. Once the sand is removed, the filter will be cleaned and your pool pro will examine the internal working parts.
  4. If there is dirt build, the parts will be soaked in a mixture of water and muriatic acid to get rid of the build up.
  5. The filter will be cleaned, rinsed and ready for installation.
  6. Water will be added until the tank is half full before new sand will be added.
  7. Every time a bag of sand has been added, it will be hand-leveled.
  8. Once the correct amount of sand has been added, the filter will be reassembled and put back into your pool.

Because changing the sand in the filter isn’t done with any regularily, many do-it-yourselfer of pool maintenance will call on the services of a pool pro to take on this task.