Your swimming pool is the focal point of the yard, but what do you do when you’re not swimming? Is your yard landscaped well enough that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but comfortable? What kind of greenery and amenities do you have surrounding the swimming pool? How to landscape around the swimming pool is something the swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Toledo, Ohio discuss with their customers all the time.

Sometimes, new pool owners will opt out of landscaping around the swimming pool because they want to spend their money ON the pool project instead of AROUND the pool. Many of them come to regret that decision when they realize just how much time they will spend around the pool. You want to put some time and thought into your pool landscaping because you will likely spend more time around the pool than in the pool.

How to landscape around the swimming pool

Consider the way in which you want to relax when you’re not swimming. Do you want a gazebo, a shaded area, a privacy fence around the pool so you can chill out on lawn chairs with friends when you’re not swimming? There are a myriad of ways in which you can use the patio space, you just need to consider your unique lifestyle and plan accordingly.

Consider the type of plants you may want around the swimming pool. Here are a few greens and plants to consider:

  • Potted plants. When you invest in potted plants (and you may want the pots on wheels for ease in moving) you can “redecorate” the backyard multiple times simply by moving the potted plants to new areas of the patio.
  • Evergreen plants. These plants are just what they indicate — ever green! When you plant evergreens you are assured of having a lush-looking backyard space no matter the season. You can choose from upright evergreens to creeping evergreens whether you want trees or ground cover. Most evergreens are non shedding, although some do drip sap, and aren’t a lure for bees.
  • Hostas are a low-maintenance plant that is a quick grower. Hostas also come in a variety of colors that can be variegated as well. They add beauty and intrigue and are easy to grow and require minimal care.
  • Ornamental grasses. You can choose from tall or short ornamental grass. They come in multiple varieties and even different shades of greens and even purples. Ornamental grasses are low maintenance and add a unique flair to groundcover ever greens.

If you have your heart set on a particular plant or grass, make certain it is one that can survive the weather in your part of the country. There is nothing more disappointing than planting something that should be with you for decades only to have it die during a harsh winter.

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