Many potential swimming pool owners think of “I want to own a swimming pool” when summer is in full swing or at the beginning of spring — that is when swimming pool contractors are at their busiest and you may find you have a long wait to get on a construction calendar. Plan an off-season pool construction project to assure you are on the calendar and that you have a finished pool for next year’s swim season.

When should you start talking with a pool contractor from Bella Blue Pools for your 2018 swimming pool project? Today! Don’t wait any longer to begin the research project.

Plan an off-season pool construction project

What are some of the benefits of planning an off-season projecT? Here are a few to consider.

  • Potential discounts on “last year’s” pool models
  • It could be easier to get on the contractor’s schedule
  • The pool construction will be done and ready when summer arrives

It only makes sense that summer is the buiest time for pool contractors and if you wait until the weather breaks and it shows “summer” on the calendar you may miss another swim season!  Your potential swimming pool contractor may not be able to get a backhoe into the ground right now, but if you have decided on the style, size and accessories for your pool now you can get a jump on the construction season.

What are some other advantages to having your pool constructed during the off season? Here are a few:

  1. Ease of getting on the construction calendar.
  2. The prices may be lower in the off season and if you buy “last year’s” model.
  3. Your pool contractor will have more time to spend with you to get the project underway.
  4. If the ground hasn’t frozen you may be able to have the construction started in the winter.
  5. Don’t take the chance of missing out on another season of having your own swimming pool

If you dream of having a swimming pool, give us a call and we will walk you through the process and help assure your pool will be ready when summer makes its way back into the area.