Is your swimming pool closed for the season? Chances are, if you’re like many pool owners, once Labor Day has passed, it’s time to think about cuttoning up the pool for the winter. If you have a hot tub or spa, though, you and your family can continue to enjoy time in the water together throughout the rest of the year. How to choose a hot tub or spa will be the next question and one you can speak with your pool contractor from Bella Blue Pools about if you’re in the beginning stages of research for your family’s project.

How to choose a hot tub or spa

When you’re in the market for a spa or hot tub you will need to decide whether you want it above ground, in ground or as part of the swimming pool you currently have (think swim up spa). Talk with us about the advantages and disadvantages of each type so you can make an informed decision.

Do you know how much money you have to spend on the hot tub itself, as well as the pad on which it will be built or if you need to pay for excavation? Knowing the budget for the project should be the first decision you make. In ground hot tubs can have a price tag of between $5,000 and $25,000 ( or higher) depending on accessories. With an in ground hot tub or spa the site excavation and landscaping will add to the price tag, not including the hot tub itself. Plan on an increase in your utility bills to operate the hot tub and to heat the water of about $30 per month. Don’t forget to factor in the costs for cleaning, upkeep and maintenance.

After you’ve set your budget numbers, and begin shopping, you will want to fully research the warranty information that comes with each model you’re looking at.

Where will you put the hot tub? Dp you have a deck next to the house? Do you need to construct an area to house it outside in your yard?

What area of the country do you live in? If it snows where you live, you may want to have the hot tub placed close enough to the house that you’re not trekking through a lot of snow in order to get to it. There is nothing better on a snowy evening than to slip into the soothing, bubbling water and watching the snow melt on the surface.

Don’t forget to plan for the plumbiing and electrical hook ups you will need for the hot tub or spa. This could add to the cost if plumbing and wiring needs to be installed and run.

“Sample” hot tubs to get a feel for how they fit. When you’re in it make certain the seats are comfortable. Check out the types of jets you want. You can narrow down the choices by knowing why you want the hot tub — is it for relaxation, therapeutic reasons or a combination? If it is going to have to fit people of different heights you want seats that comfortably fit everyone.

Once you’ve done your research, talk with us about the cover you need to purchase to protect your investment. You want a quality cover. If it’s heavy you may want to invest in a cover lifter. The diligent use of a cover keeps your hot tub water safe from the elements and will keep wildlife from falling into the water as they will be drawn to its warmth.

Is this the year you invest in a hot tub for your family?