Bella Blue Pools, contractors serving the Toledo, Ohio area, know that having your own swimming pool installed is a project that your whole family will want ot be involved in. Having your own swimming pool installed also means you will be making many, many decisions before, during and after the project. Tips for a successful pool project follow, but know that you will need to have your budget in mind and have an idea of what kind of pool you want before you meet with a pool contractor.

Tips for a successful pool project

  • Speak with at least three pool contractors. Compare “apples to apples” when it comes to design ideas, features and safety devices, equipment and prices for them. Pay attention to the materials the contractors will be using, any extras that are part of the package deal, any items that are thrown in at no charge, timeline for the construction, type and style of equipment that will be installed in the pool (pumps, filters, etc.) and the warranties that come with the pool and its equipment.
  • Ask for references. A reputable pool contractor will be happy to supply you with the names of current and former customers. When asking for references ask for those who have undergone a pool construction project similar to yours. Also ask to see photos of the completed projects. Make it a point to call and maybe even visit the referral clients.
  • Check for any state licensing and insurance requirements that your contractor must meet. Ask for proof of those requirements being met and ask to see the paperwork. Don’t do business with a contractor who is not fully insured.
  • Meet the project manager for your pool construction. Make certain you have the necessary contact information for your project manager. Any time you have questions or concerns on the progress of the installation, ask. Your contractor won’t know if you’re having concerns unless you talk with them. If there are any delays in the construction, he or she should communicate them to you.
  • When you’re working out the details of your installation contract, be wary of a contractor who requests payment in full up front. Contractors expect money will be paid incrementally throughout the project as milestones are met. There will be an up front payment as part of the contract to get the project underway. If there are concerns that might prevent you from making an agreed upon payment, keep in mind that could also delay the installation.

Once the project has been completed to your satisfaction, keep all of the paperwork relating to the pool in one location — the warranty paperwork and any other information relating to it. Before the project is complete, talk with us to ask about pool service and maintenance once the project has been wrapped up.