Where you live can have an impact on your swimming pool and its finish. How does weather impact pool finish is a question the swimming pool contractors from Bella Blue Pools in Maumee, Ohio discuss with their pool construction customers.

Some pool finishes weather the weather (yes, we see what we did there!) better than others. It’s best to choose a pool finish that will last for the long term even if a different kind of finish may have been your original thought. Trust your pool contractor when he explains the various advantages and disadvantages to particular pool construction materials based on region.

How does weather impact pool finish?

The pool finish you choose is one of the many, many decisions you will be faced with when on the path to pool ownership. The region of the country in which you live will definitely play a role in the pool finish that might jus be best for your dream swimming pool.

  1. Pool plaster. This is a very common choice for pool finish, but this is one of the finishes that is most susceptible to weather conditions. Plaster is a soft substance and if you’re determined to have a plaster finish, your pool contractor may recommend an additve to make the plaster stronger; it also adds a unique look to the plaster. To strengthen plaster your pool contractor may recommend adding crushed quartz. Crushed quartz can be found in myriad colors and designs and it will truly make your pool look unique.
  2. Pool tiles. This is extremely durable and makes a great choice for a pool finish. It retains a slick surface and is resistance to harsh weather conditions as well as chemicals. If you live in tropical climates or hot regions (like Arizona) pool tiles resist fading and cracking.
  3. A vinyl pool liner can survive changeable weather and can even survive a deep freeze and earthquakes. Vinyl liners flex and move with the earth and they flex with the surroundign temperatures. Vinyl liner swimming pools are offered in various colors and styles.

No matter what pool finish you choose, your pool contractor is your best source for information about it. You want to do what you can to protect the investment you’ve made in your swimming pool and keep it beautiful for as many years as possible.